extra notes for The Mystery of the Prime Numbers

An erratum has been brought to our attention for the new Liberalis Books edition of Volume 1:

On p.73, "recognises that an X means" should be "recognises that an O means"

A few errata have been brought to our attention concerning early printings of Volume 1:

On p.31, "jealously" should be "jealousy".

On p.67, in the last image, an extra plank (corresponding to 6) was accidentally included

On p.74, "no such a word" should be "no such word"

On p.87 "it is turns out" should be "it turns out"

On p.110, in the first paragraph of the section "Messages to (and from) outer space", there are two "has been"'s in a row.

On p.111, it is claimed that the star Vega is "two light years away", whereas in fact it's twenty-five light years from Earth.

On p.124, "it's meaning" should be "its meaning".

On p.126 "comes a surprise" should be "comes as a surprise"

On p.173, "though the point" should be "through the point"

On p.174, last line, "Equiangular spiral" should be "Equiangular spirals"

On p.180, the value of e given in the illustration is wrong, should be "2.7182..."

On p.208, the third illustration doesn't actually illustrate what's described ("If I multiply the number by itself and then subtract 2, that, too, is a function:"). The illustration rather depicts the simpler function that only involves substracting 2.

On p.228, "illustrate" should be "illustrates"

On p.244, the first illustration contains a small, stray black line segment that shouldn't be there.

On p.254 "it's original" should be "its original"

On p.302 "trans;lator" should be "translator"

On p.306, "describes e as a the" should be "describes e as the"

On p.312, "t:wenty-three" should be "twenty three"

Sorry about these!